I am a photographer. What to say else? And what does it mean for me? Getting beautiful images? Income? A possibility of getting “likes” in social network? All the listed is just a byproduct, but not the main thing. I understood at one moment, I don’t remember how many years ago, that camera and all this vigorous activity around photography, all this passion, help me to recognize myself – who am I, why do I live, my attitude to the world, and at the same time I understand that I am the world.


I’ve been doing photography professionally for 8 years. Eight years ago I started to learn at Baikal Photo Academy in Irkutsk, my native city in Russia, where got so much knowledge and many new friends, and work, as well! At first it was just photoshoot of weddings, events, architecture and other things. But then I began to teach which brought me to a new level – thanks to my favourite Academy and its inspiring leader and my good friend – Natasha Bayborodina.

I’ve started to travel 5 years ago – Spain, Israel, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Nepal and India – which became my second home. My first home is my children, my dear companions, supporting me in all my starts, they taught me a lot. I am 36 and I feel that it is just a beginning of my way. As one of my teachers – Oleg Kostyunin – said while giving us diplomas after finishing his course: “If consider that photography is a skyscraper to build, so think that you dig only a pit for the construction”. I may say that I have built only the second floor of this building, and how many are left to build – it depends on only how long I will live!