Basics of photography, Photoshop and Lightroom  

on- and offline

Basics of photography

You have camera and use only “Auto” mode? You found out what all these buttons mean but your pictures are not that cool? Ask me and I will help you to make your photographs much better!

Learning and practicing photography with me is easy for any level!

Photoshop for photographers

How to processing pictures fast or thorough, bringing picture to the state as you saw it live or being creative in editing, collaging – everything you need from Photoshop - learn with me!


You have tons of raw pictures? Adobe Lightroom is created specially for those like are – photographers who take photos in great numbers! Fast sorting, selection, cataloging, and most importantly - fast processing of large numbers of files - that you will learn in my class!

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Wonderful possibilities of editing pictures have opened to me! I think that everyone who does photography needs this course. Thanks to Evgeniya for patient explanations, for being available for questions at any time, even on mobile, for intelligible teaching.



Photoshop for photographers course

We and Evgeniya were working through the most necessary problems of photographer-beginners at her lessons on photography, and this was vivid and interesting, and I was getting everything like one and two! “Photoshop for photographers” is just super! How many possibilities this program hides (it seems that one never can learn at first), but Evgeniya slowly, lesson by lesson, induct you into Photoshop .. and – voila! I UNDERSTAND! Thank you very much, I don’t say goodbye! 



Basic photography and Photoshop courses

I was lucky to travel with Evgeniya in Hong Kong. It was an ordinary journey, but it happened that Evgeniya was teaching me the basics of photography in travelling. My impressions of that trip were unforgettable, but when you are able to bring knowledge and excellent pictures with memories along – it matters much! Thanks to Evgeniya that now I can show my beautiful photos to my relatives and friends!

JUNE 2015


Phototour to Hong Kong

Evgeniya, You are a magician, I understood! And you taught me the magic photoshop. Thank you very much! I wish you more good students!

MARCH 2015


Photoshop for photographers

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